What is the smart method of switchable privacy film

Nowadays, the architectural design concept has undergone great changes, and the voice of intelligent control is getting higher and higher. More and more people are demanding that modern buildings can realize the functions of resource utilization, energy conservation, privacy protection, health and visual enjoyment. The smart dimming film, as a member of the smart family, has been used in home, transportation, business, medical and media communications, and has greatly expanded the application market for glass film.
Switchable privacy film principle
The switchable privacy film is injected into the liquid crystal polymer (PDLC) in the form of particles in the middle of two transparent conductive films, and is produced by a special process. Using the characteristics of the nonlinear optical system and the polymer material, all the particles are disorderly arranged when not energized. Since the refractive index difference between the liquid crystal particles and the substrate is large, the incident light is strongly scattered, and the dimming film is opaque or It is milky white (that is, it is foggy or frosted). When energized, the liquid crystal particles are arranged in an orderly manner, and the refractive index and the substrate reach a certain degree of uniformity. At this time, the light can pass through the substrate, and the dimming film is in a transparent or translucent state. When the power is turned on again, the particles return to the disordered state, and the light is once again scattered. Therefore, by the action of the electric field, the random conversion of "powered transparent, power-off transparent opaque" can be quickly realized. What I want to say is that the tungsten oxide electrochromic film also has a similar function to the electric frosted glass.
Intelligent dimming film in the home application
The smart dimming film can be attached to the balcony window glass, skylight glass, sun room glass, etc. When the sunlight is strong, the smart dimming film is switched to opaque state, blocking sunlight, shielding infrared rays, reducing heat radiation, and protecting indoors. The furnishings are not aging, fading, etc. due to ultraviolet radiation, and are also beneficial to protect people from direct ultraviolet rays, thereby avoiding the skin diseases caused thereby, and also ensuring effective indoor lighting. Switch the smart dimming film to a transparent state, and when the night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the stars
As a new type of electronic light control product, the intelligent light-adjusting film has the characteristics of ultra-high transparency, heat insulation, waterproof, ultraviolet protection, ultra-low power consumption, long life, low voltage drive, green environmental protection, etc., and can be curled. In addition, it is quick and easy to use, does not require manual control by the user, and can be controlled by state switching, remote control, light control, voice control or mobile APP.
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