What Is The Gods Technology Of Switchable PDLC Film?

Over the years, with the continuous development of smart homes, curtains, the most primitive form of household products, are constantly evolving. The latest comparative advanced gameplay is the switchable pdlc film. By attaching this dimming film to the window glass, it can actually shield the privacy and heat insulation functions and truly replace the traditional curtains.

switchable pdlc film

The so-called PDLC refers to mixing low molecular liquid crystal and prepolymer, and under certain conditions, polymerization is formed to form micron-sized liquid crystal droplets uniformly dispersed in a polymer network, and then dielectric anisotropy of liquid crystal molecules is utilized. A material having electro-optic response characteristics is obtained.

PDLC intelligent liquid crystal dimming film, which works mainly between the scattering state and the transparent state, that is, the film itself can change between transparent and non-transparent state (the visual effect is close to frosted glass), and the transparency is regulated by voltage. The working principle is that when the dimming film is powered off, the polymer liquid crystal material is disorderly arranged in the middle, so that the light cannot penetrate the film, and the effect seen at this time is the milky white opaque state.

When the dimming film is energized, the polymer liquid crystal material in the middle of the film is arranged in an orderly manner, so that the light can pass through the film, and the effect seen at this time is a transparent and colorless film state. Different from the PDLC products synthesized by other companies, Siweiqi's PDLC series products are independently developed and manufactured from raw materials to finished products, so the product quality is more guaranteed.

Eswitch's switchable pdlc film has three main uses:

1. Covering privacy
The dimming film can be directly attached to the transparent glass and controlled by a power switch to act as a curtain.
Compared to traditional and bulky blinds and high-profile "smart glass", this is clearly a relatively convenient and feasible way to protect privacy, suitable for home living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

2. Energy saving
When light enters the room through the glass to generate heat energy, if you want to lower the temperature of the cold air, you need to increase the power consumption by 6% for every 1 °C reduction. Therefore, when the outdoor temperature is too high, the dimming film is used to adjust it to a mist, and the heat insulation effect is good, which can ensure that the room is relatively cool and save energy and reduce consumption.
In addition, compared with other glass, the glass with the dimming film can absorb ultraviolet light and reflect infrared heat energy, and can also become a fog state to reflect visible heat energy, thus effectively reducing the indoor temperature.

3. Projection curtain wall
The glass wall with the PDLC dimming film can be used as an electronic curtain and heat insulation wall during the daytime, and can be a large advertising wall at night. With a projector, a huge outdoor advertising screen can be created. And, compared to the traditional LED advertising screen, its cost and maintenance costs are lower. Indoors, the PDLC dimming film with a laser projector can create a stunning home theater with better display than a normal screen.
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