The Use of Pdlc Glass Film

In PDLC technology, liquid crystals are dispersed in organic solid polymer matrix with micron-sized droplets. Since the optical axis of the droplets composed of liquid crystal molecules is in free orientation, its refractive index does not match the refractive index of the matrix. When passing through the substrate, it is strongly scattered by the droplets and presents an opaque milky white state or a translucent state. The PDLC Glass Film formed on the glass film has a toning effect on the glass.
Dimming glass is very common in our lives, but due to high prices and high costs, it is not the first choice of most consumers. In addition to buying dimming glass, we can also buy PDLC glass film and PDLC glass film stickers. After being placed on the glass, ordinary glass can play the same role as dimming glass. Through the current switching between power-on and power-off, it presents a transparent and matte effect. It not only has a good privacy function, but also has heat insulation. , The energy-saving and consumption-reducing characteristics of isolating ultraviolet light can bring more flexible and diverse applications to architectural spaces such as commercial offices, homes, medical clinics, and technology factories.

PDLC glass film is the key core material for the production of smart dimming glass. Over the past 20 years, with the continuous reduction of costs, it has become more and more popular and more and more widely used. However, due to the high driving voltage, this application is only used in smart dimming glass. With the continuous expansion of popularity, PDLC liquid crystal dimming film has begun to develop into smart glass film. Therefore, the development of low-voltage driving PDLC glass film Conducive to the faster and broader development of smart glass. Such as: smart projection glass, commercial window advertising film, bathroom smart glass, smart dimming curtain glass, smart dimming curtain film, smart home glass, etc.

These are the various uses of PDLC glass film. If you want to know more about the relevant consultation, you can go to the official website of Eswitch to learn more.
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