Smart pdlc film can replace traditional curtains

With the continuous development of smart homes, curtains, the most primitive form of home products, are also constantly evolving. PDLC intelligent liquid crystal dimming film, paste this kind of dimming film on the window glass, can actually hide privacy, heat insulation and other functions, and truly replace the traditional curtains.

PDLC refers to mixing low-molecular liquid crystals with prepolymers and polymerizing under certain conditions to form micron-sized liquid crystal droplets that are uniformly dispersed in a polymer network, and then use the dielectric anisotropy of liquid crystal molecules to obtain Electro-optic response material.

PDLC intelligent liquid crystal dimming film is a film that can adjust the light passing state. It mainly works between the scattering state and the transparent state, and the transparency is adjusted by the voltage. The working principle is that when the dimming film is powered off, the polymer liquid crystal material in between is disorderly arranged so that light cannot penetrate the film, and the effect seen at this time is a milky opaque state. When the dimming film is energized, the polymer liquid crystal material in the middle of the film is arranged in an orderly manner under the action of an electric field, so that light can pass through the film, and the effect seen at this time is a transparent and colorless film state.

Siweiqi is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of strategic new materials integrating R & D, production and sales. PDLC series products are made of silver nanowires, which are conductive, flexible, stable and highly transparent. In terms of sex, it is better than similar products on the market.

There are three main uses for PDLC dimming films:
1.Blocking privacy
The dimming film can be directly attached to the transparent glass, and it can act as a curtain through the power switch control. Compared to those traditional and bulky shutters and high "smart glass", this is obviously a relatively convenient and feasible way to protect privacy, and it can be applied to various places such as family living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

2.Energy saving and consumption reduction
For general buildings, the energy consumption of the building itself accounts for more than a quarter of the total energy consumption, of which the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for about half of the energy consumption of the building, and the energy lost through the transmission of glass accounts for 70%. When the outdoor temperature is too high, use a dimming film to adjust it in a mist shape, which has a good heat insulation effect, can ensure that the room is relatively cool, and plays a role in saving energy and reducing consumption. In addition, the pdlc dimming film can not only absorb ultraviolet rays and reflect infrared thermal energy, but also can change into a fog state to reflect visible light thermal energy, so it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature.

3. Projection curtain wall
The glass wall with smart pdlc film can be used as electronic curtains and thermal insulation walls during the day and a large advertising wall at night. You only need to equip a projector to create a huge outdoor advertising screen. Indoors, a smart pdlc film combined with a laser projector can create a home theater with better display effects than ordinary curtains.

At present, Siweiqi's PDLC dimming film has been widely used in hotels and office buildings across the country, and has achieved good results in both the commercial and domestic fields.
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