Scene application of PDLC Glass

The so-called PDLC Glass smart dimming glass makes the window transparent, atomizable and projection. The PDLC dimming glass can be adjusted to a transparent state, so that the exhibits in the window can be seen at a glance, so that people passing by can clearly see the situation inside the store. In the evening, the dimming glass can be adjusted to the atomization state to isolate the inside and outside space. You can also use the projector in the store to put interesting videos and product introductions on the glass screen to attract people's attention.

Because of the tunable nature of PDLC, smart light control glass is used in some privacy and privacy protection scenarios. Window glass is made like a curtain and electronic controls. The second is the projection function. The smart dimming glass is actually a projection screen. The projection effect is outstanding and it has a very bright performance in a bright environment.

The transmittance of PDLC dimming glass is generally excellent when the dimming glass of good quality is energized, and it is very clear and transparent. Because it has a beautiful appearance and is transparent and opaque when power is off, it can protect privacy.
Modern PDLC dimming glass can be divided into four working principles: photochromism, electrochromism, thermochromic and piezochromism according to the basic working principle.
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