PDLC GLASS SMART SWITCHABLE GLASS in the electrical industry

Simply apply a layer of PDLC GLASS SMART SWITCHABLE GLASS to the clear glass to change the glass into a fully transparent, semi-permeable or impervious form. In this way, with a projector, you can watch movies with glass as a screen, and even perform various somatosensory interactions. What makes glass work like this is called PDLC GLASS SMART SWITCHABLE GLASS, which is also known as the Smart Film.

pdlc glass

The PDLC Glass is generally only 0.7 cm thick and looks like a normal film. But in fact, there are many liquid crystal molecules in the film. This is the reason why ordinary glass can be transformed into an electronic product, which utilizes the optical properties of the liquid crystal.

In the state of power failure, the polymer liquid crystal material of the film is disorderly arranged, so the light can not penetrate the film at this time, and the effect seen at this time is the opaque state of milky white; however, in the state of being energized, in the electric field Under the action of electrons, the polymer liquid crystal material in the middle of the film begins to be arranged in an orderly manner when the electric field is received. 

At this time, the film is transparent and the light can penetrate. Light can be transmitted through the film.

Nowadays, this technology is widely used. PDLC glass is attached to the glass curtain wall. It has the function of heat insulation during the day and can be converted into a large projection advertising wall at night. It can be used for many purposes.
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