pdlc film


       The PDLC film can adjust the voltage to realize the conversion of glass between transparent and opaque. The power-on state is transparent, and the power-off state is frosted. It can be used for laminated finished dimming glass or for making LCD film for projection. The electric field principle of optical liquid crystal glass can protect privacy conveniently while maintaining the permeability of space. The liquid crystal dimming film currently on the market is better.


1. Used to produce laminated dimming glass
PDLC film can be used to process finished dimming glass with a sandwich structure. In order to ensure the best physical properties and life of the finished dimming glass, PVB is usually used for processing, and it is not recommended to use inferior EVA materials for processing. While it is convenient to control the transparency and opacity of the glass, the dimming glass has various excellent properties such as safety, environmental protection and sound insulation.
2. Used to make back-attached LCD dimming film. The back-attached film is mainly used in various rear-projection projection fields. It is currently one of the best projection screens on the market.

Technical specifications

The glass thickness can be 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM.

Scope of application

1. Office and conference room partition; high-end buildings, control center:
2. Medical institutions, medical treatment, projection, refrigerators and other equipment;
3. Banks, jewelry, shopping mall display cabinets, billboards, insurance companies;
4. Restaurants, museums, churches, etc.
5. Commercial projection.
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