Introduction of Smart Switchable Film

Smart switchable film, also called PDLC liquid crystal film, is a kind of application technology product based on film layer. The rod-shaped polymer liquid crystal is mixed with a prepolymer and adhered to a transparent conductive substrate, so that it has both liquid and crystalline characteristics. The polymer polymer in a state without power is in a disorderly arrangement state, and the film layer is atomized. status. The high-molecular polymers are arranged in an orderly manner according to the direction of the electric field, so that the film layer has high light transmission.

Characteristics of liquid crystal dimming film
Privacy protection
The biggest function of the intelligent dimming mode is to have a privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque states of the glass at any time.

Projection function
Due to the opacity of the smart switchable film in the power-off state, and its milky white and light gray dimming film has a very good projection effect in the power-off state, both sides can be viewed.

Energy saving and environmental protection
The power consumption per square is only 4 ~ 5W under the power-on state, with low power consumption, high blocking effect of infrared and ultraviolet rays, and very good energy saving and environmental protection performance in the application process, presumably other energy saving and environmental protection products have advantages.

Soundproof safety
The film has sound damping, which effectively blocks most of the noise. The film protects the glass during the damage process to avoid glass splashing and has good impact strength.

Smart switchable film category
Self-adhesive LCD dimming film
The full self-adhesive liquid crystal dimming film is a composite of a silicone layer and a hardened layer on the basis of a PDLC flim dispersed polymer liquid crystal dimming film. In addition to maintaining the original characteristics of the light-adjusting film, such as "transparent power-on, power-off atomization", it also has the characteristics of "dry-adhesion, dynamic exhaust". Compared with traditional laminated dimming glass, self-adhesive film has the advantages of "light weight, convenient transportation, and convenient installation". It is the best option to achieve rapid switching of glass partition walls and hidden spaces. It can be used as a background wall and projection curtain wall. place.

Laminated LCD dimming film
Laminated dimming film is the main form of the smart switchable film, and it is the most common dimming film on the market. Its structure is the simplest. It is custom-made by the lamination process of the intelligent dimming film together with PVB and EVA, and the performance of the laminated dimming film is more stable in such applications. The performance of the laminated liquid crystal dimming film is compared with the performance of the dimming film. The light transmittance of the dimming glass is higher than that of the self-adhesive dimming film. The safety type is higher and the service life is longer.

Maintenance and use advice
Install the self-adhesive dimming film correctly through the above smart switchable film operation guide to ensure that the film layer and the glass surface are completely and completely adhered to avoid air bubbles and impurities between the film and the glass. Avoid using in humid and high temperature places during use: It is recommended that the application place (indoor partitions, windows, other projection curtain walls, etc., low space humidity, and small temperature difference applications) self-film electrode protection, reasonable use of neutral glue Install self-adhesive film.

Maintenance and cleaning
Avoid glass cleaners and self-adhesive film surfaces during the maintenance process. The self-adhesive film should be cleaned with a soft towel or dry cloth as much as possible. Keep the surface of the film layer clean, or wipe the surface of the light-adjusting film with alcohol / a small amount of water before wiping the surface of the light-adjusting film with a cotton cloth such as eyeglass cloth to a dry state.
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