How is the smart pdlc film smart? (1)

The smart pdlc film, as a member of the smart family, has been applied in the fields of home, transportation, business, medical treatment and media communication, which has greatly expanded the application market of glass film.

1. Home application
The smart pdlc film can be pasted on the balcony window glass, skylight glass, sun room glass, etc. When the sunlight is strong, the smart dimming film can be switched to an opaque state to block sunlight, block infrared rays, reduce heat radiation, and protect the indoor Furnishings are not subject to aging and fading due to ultraviolet radiation, but also help protect people from direct ultraviolet radiation. Switch the smart dimming film to a transparent state. When the night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window and the stars.

The intelligent glass film can partition the indoor space, such as the bathroom and toilet partition, not only makes the layout bright, but also can protect privacy well. It cooperates with the projection equipment and is used as a small home theater curtain. It can present high-brightness and high-resolution images, effectively combine the curtain and the screen, and add mood and fun to life.


2.Cars, trains and ships
The intelligent pdlc film is attached to the glass, which can prevent sun, explosion, heat, waterproof, protect privacy, block excessive sunlight to reduce cooling energy consumption, and achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. Its safety performance is good. When the glass breaks, it can prevent the glass from splashing and hurting people. At the same time, it also has many different choices of colors, patterns, etc., with a certain decorative effect.

3. Business Center
After the smart pdlc film is pasted on the glass curtain wall, it can be adjusted into a mist during the day, which can be used as an electronic curtain to protect indoor privacy, achieve thermal insulation effect, and effectively reduce indoor temperature. At night, it can become a large advertising wall. It has the characteristics of high light transmission, will not affect the incidence of light, so that you can enjoy the scenery outside the window very clearly.

Smart pdlc film, as a new type of electronic light control product, has the characteristics of ultra-high transparency, heat insulation, waterproof, ultraviolet protection, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long life, low voltage drive, green environmental protection, etc., and can be curled. In addition, it is fast and convenient to use, and does not require manual control by the user. It can be switched and controlled by means of switch, remote control, light control, voice control or mobile phone APP.
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