How is the electric pdlc film smart? (2)

Electric pdlc film is used in home, transportation, business, medical and media communication fields, which greatly expands the application market of glass film. In the last article, we introduced you to the application of smart dimming film in furniture applications, vehicles and business centers.

1. Commodity display and commercial advertisement
Glass display windows in museums, exhibition halls, and shopping malls are pasted with smart dimming films. When in the atomized state, the products are protected and projection advertisements are played; when transparent, the products inside the window are displayed. Its failure rate is close to zero, providing the most favorable guarantee for various commercial uses.

electric pdlc film

2. Offices, schools, hotels
Electric pdlc film can quickly achieve the conversion between atomization and transparency, breaking through the limitations of traditional cement walls and frosted glass, not only improving the spatial layout, protecting privacy, but also achieving transparency, making people feel a better visual space . It has a sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of sounds, making the noisy and noisy environment quiet and secret. It can also turn a traditional glass partition into a multimedia projection wall. In a well-lit environment, the projection effect is outstanding, presenting high-definition images and creating an elegant and dreamy atmosphere.

3. Medical care places
Electric pdlc film can replace curtains, used in medical clinics, operating rooms, chemotherapy rooms, nursery rooms that require aseptic operation. It can not only avoid the bacterial contamination caused by the use of curtains and the inconvenience of changing and washing, but also can block noise, dust and maintain The environment is clean and privacy can be protected, which can greatly reduce the interference to medical staff and patients.

4. Bank counter, business hall, ticket office
The glass with the intelligent dimming film is kept in a transparent state during normal business operations; in case of emergency, the remote control can be used to instantly reach the blurred state, thereby making the criminal suspect lose his target and fighting for police officers to subdue the robbers. The time can ensure the safety of people's lives and property to the greatest extent.

electric pdlc film

The principle of intelligent dimming film
The electric pdlc film is made by injecting liquid crystal polymer (PDLC) in the form of particles between two transparent conductive films, and made by a special process. Using the characteristics of the nonlinear optical system and the polymer material, all the particles are disorderly arranged when there is no electricity. Due to the large difference in the refractive index of the liquid crystal particles and the matrix, the incident light is strongly scattered It is a milky white state (that is, misty or frosted).

When the power is turned on, the liquid crystal particles are arranged in an orderly manner, and the refractive index and the matrix reach a certain degree of uniformity. At this time, the light can pass through the matrix, and the dimming film is transparent or translucent. When the power is turned on again, the particles return to a disordered state, and the light is scattered again. Through the action of the electric field, it is possible to quickly realize the "transparent energization, power off and light translucency" random conversion.

Smart pdlc film is a new type of electronic light control product, which is fast and convenient to use. It does not require manual control by the user. It can be controlled by switching, remote control, light control, voice control or mobile phone APP.
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