Do you know how to apply PDLC film?

With the rise of the new product of pdlc film, many decoration companies and home individual customers have begun to purchase the product using dimming film. So how to use the dimming film? Here is the question: how to stick the dimming film, and detailed.

In fact, the construction of dimmer film is not very complicated. The basic steps of dimmer film are as follows:

Operation method of imperial light self-adhesive dimming film on glass

1: Preparation of dimming film pasting tools
1.1 Rubber gloves and masks
1.2 Advanced glass water
1.3 Hand pressure roller
1.4 Alcohol and fine clean cloth
2: Operation steps of self-adhesive dimming film sticking:
2.1 Put on rubber gloves, first use a fine dust-free cloth dipped in high-grade glass water to clean the dust and impurities on the glass surface, and then use a fine dust-free cloth dipped in alcohol to clean the glass surface in one direction to ensure that there is no dust and impurities on the glass surface. La cloth strips.
2.2 Put the dimming film on a clean table, make sure that the glued side is facing up, and wipe the glued side with alcohol and a dust-free cloth to make sure that there is no dust and other dirt;
2.3 In a dust-free environment, tear off the protective film on the upper side of the dimmer film by 2-3cm, then place the dimmer film on the glass and align it from bottom to top. When the position of the dimmer film is consistent with the glass , Attach the 2-3cm dimming film to the glass tightly, and drive away the bubbles from left to right with a hand roller, then repeat the above steps, tearing off the protective film while pushing the roller to drive away the bubbles. Until the filming is completed;
2.4 Use an electric soldering iron to solder the wires to the copper net;
2.5 The plastic strip protects the electrode, and the wire is hidden with a plastic wire slot;
2.6 Use tape to remove another layer of protective film;
2.7 Connect the circuit and debug by an electrician.
2.8 After debugging, inject neutral glue, about 5mm strips, on the edge of the dimming film. After the glass glue is completely dry (about 3 days), it can be powered on.
2.9 Finally seal the edges with 3M glue.
3: Precautions for self-adhesive smart pdlc dimming film:
3.1 During installation, do not use water in any other circumstances except for cleaning the glass;
3.2 The size of the customized dimming film is 2-3 mm smaller than the glass size to avoid direct contact between the edge of the dimming film and the glass metal frame;
3.3 For long-term use, neutral glass glue can be injected at the edge.
3.4 It is recommended to wear masks and gloves during operation and operate in a dust-free environment.
Have you remembered the above steps about the dimming film?
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