Daily maintenance method of privacy smart film

PDLC intelligent liquid crystal dimming film is a kind of film that can adjust the light passing state. It mainly works between the scattering state and the transparent state, and the transparency is adjusted by the voltage. The PDLC dimming film can be attached to the window glass to hide privacy, heat insulation and other functions.

The technical problem of installing self-adhesive privacy smart film mainly lies in handling air bubbles. Generally, when we apply stickers on glass, we will find that air bubbles will be generated between the film and glass. The main reason is that there are impurities and dust between the film and glass. If the impurities are not treated clean and long-term use will affect the life of the light-adjusting film.

PDLC dimming film for daily use:
The dimming film should be kept dry during use, avoiding application in humid and high temperature environment, otherwise it will cause premature aging. The dimming film can be applied to indoor partitions, windows or projection curtain walls with low humidity and small temperature difference, and daily cleaning to avoid damage to the surrounding glass glue.

Packaging and storage of dimming film:
Liquid crystal dimming film is generally packed in boxes or rolls, which has a protective effect on the film, which can greatly reduce the packaging space and is also conducive to transportation and acceptance. The light-adjusting film of the sheet is generally packed in a wooden box. Each light-adjusting film in the box is separated by paper or foam cotton, which can effectively protect each light-adjusting film from damage.

In addition, each dimming film should be equipped with corresponding electrodes and controllers, remote controls, etc.
The dimming film is generally stored in an environment with little temperature difference, dry, ventilated, and relative humidity below 85% RH. Avoid sunlight exposure and contact with acid and alkaline liquids or gases.

Dimmer cleaning:
The liquid crystal dimming film is different from the dimming glass. The surface has a layer of tempered glass for protection. Therefore, a softer dry towel should be used to clean up impurities and dust during cleaning. If there are stains that cannot be washed away, you can use alcohol or a small amount of water to scrub gently. Do not use a hard object to force the wipe.
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