A PDLC film turns the glass into a screen

As long as a film is placed on the transparent glass, the glass can be morphed or fully transparent, or semi-transparent, or impervious to various forms. Through a projector, you can also watch movies on the screen with glass, and even realize each Somatosensory interaction.

"This film looks like an ordinary film from the appearance, but this film is filled with a large number of liquid crystal molecules." Let ordinary glass become an electronic product using the optical properties of the liquid crystal, in the state of power-off, The polymer liquid crystal material is disorderly arranged, so that the light cannot penetrate the film. The effect seen at this time is the opaque state of the milky white; under the energization state, the polymer liquid crystal material in the middle of the film is arranged in an order under the electric field to make the light Through the film, the effect seen at this time is transparent. “Put it on the glass wall, the pdlc glass film can be insulated during the day and into a large projection wall at night.”

It is understood that the entire glass curtain wall of the Taiwan Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is affixed with such a smart film. Not only that, but Jay Chou’s concerts, auto shows, and new brand launches of famous brands have used this product in cities such as Shenyang. Existing real estate companies and auto 4S shops are affixed with smart film, turning the oversized glass of the store into an advertising wall and playing their own advertising.

"Intelligent film" is also known as liquid crystal dimming film, abbreviated as "PDLC". The PDLC film covers public places such as banks, restaurants, clothing stores, and sales centers. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to email or call us.
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