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Transparency(Power ON)>82%
Haze : Power ON <3%, Power OFF>95%
Visible Angle: >160°
280nm-360nm UV protection:100%
IR protection:ON <30%, OFF>90%
Operation Mode: ON-Transparent | OFF-Opaque
Switch speed(ON→OFF):10ms
Sound Insulation(double layer 6mm glass):39dB
Runtime: >100,000 Hours
300000 times ON/OFF
Dimensions: Customizable


The highest clarity in the industry.
The most transparent smart glass film available.
Savings on heating and cooling costs through solar reduction.
Outstanding tech support and engineering troubleshooting.
Multiple pieces that can be configured to operate in unison or independently.
Control of light transmission with our variable solution.
Resell or end user, we can provide you with the most suitable solution.

Operating Options

Operating Voltage: 48~75V(AC 50/60 Hz)
European/American Standard Voltage plug and play
Operating Temperature:-25℃~75℃/-13℉~167℉
Power consumption: Less Than 6 w/sq.m

Available Size

Sheet Max Size:1500mmWide (59.05" ) x 3.4m Long (133.8")
Roll Max size:1500mmWide (59.05" ) x 50m Long (1968.5")



You can purchase eswitch PDLC film/smart film directly contact us by Email, Phone, Whatapp, Wechat, Messenger(We have facebook homepage), we will find the way that works best for you. Beside, We can ship or air our products worldwide.

Yes, of course. Our standard sample size: 297mm*210mm with one switch.

Yes. Our standard warranty period is two years, beyond which we can provide you with technical support. Artificial damage is not within the scope of warranty.

Any professional glass tinting company should be able to install eswitch Smart PDLC Film. Then certified electrician should be engaged to handle the electrical wiring. 

* Upon ordering we will provide PDLC film installation video and related documents to ensure that you install correctly. Besides,we will provide the sample of the eswitch PDLC Film, so you could install a sample first according to the videos. 

* Remember eswitch switchable Privacy Film is self-adhesive and requires "dry install"

Do not dent, kink or pull the wires out during installation.

ESWITC Smart PDLC film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals and the use of sharp instruments. Ensure you remove all liquids that may have collected around edges during the cleaning process.

Yes. It is considered a green product that consumes 5 watts per square meter.

As long as proper voltage is maintained and eswitch Film is switched off for a minimum of 4 hours out of every 24 hours there are no special maintenance required.



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